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Gangster Squad 2013 [English] DVDRip.Dual Audio Torrent Download

Gangster Squad (2013)

Gangster Squad torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

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Los Angeles, 1949: An undercover police team led by two determined sergeants working together in an effort to pick up a ruthless mob king Mickey Cohen who runs city.
Originally intended for release in September 2012, gangster squad belatedly hit the theaters this week. The film tells the story of LA crime boss Mickey Cohen and a group of off-the-books police beat to bring it down. Based on a true story (the fact that the film is not these days?) Movie and his incredible cast promises a lot, but comes across as bland and boring.Set in Los Angeles in the 50s, Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) with 'is a crime of the Lord, who took over and it looks like no one who can stop him. A few good cops outnumber police officers Cohen bought, and it seems all hope is lost. But the police chief Nick Nolte decided something needs to be done, and gives a good, tough cop Josh Brolin, to assemble a team to go after Cohen. Followed the installation team is not as perfect police and they are waging war on Coen empire.Sound familiar? That is because Weve all seen this movie, only done much better. You can check with clichés as you watch. Good cop being grilled her nasty police chief? Check it out. Older tough cop and his young protege? Check it out. The evil henchman of the main bad guy? Check it out. The list could go on, but fit the spoiler territory. The culmination of the film somewhat predictable about half way through. One might expect most of the events that played the last 20 minutes, and even though it was pretty good, it's nothing you have not seen before.The cast NOT Who's Who list of names. What makes the film more disappointing. With names like Brolin, Gosling, Penn and Stone they should blow you away. But the characters are nothing more than caricatures, and no one will be able to show any real depth, with the possible exception of Giovanni Ribsi. Sean Penn seem strange to a mountain of makeup, even if it is fully consistent with its peak performance. Ryan Gosling turns in a gentle poorly, but most of the rest of the actors are stuck on a cardboard cut out of paper with individual stories are set on the tracks. We all know where Theyre going to go, we just have to wait for them to get there.Also should be noted that the reason for the delay in the release of the movie. Originally the film was to be released in September 2012, but after Aurora shooting took place. At the time, one of the main elements of the set of the movie is a scene where the characters shoot people because of the movie screen in a theater. Realize how desperately to be accepted as a result of Aurora, the studio immediately suspended the film progresses, and began processing the scene. Cast re-formed in August to re-shoot the sequence is now taking place in Chinatown. One thing I liked Robert Patrick's performance as a gray senior shooter. How Terminator 2 fans was great to see him still takes people almost will.Something I do not like: the predictable climax. After 60 minutes, thinking I made a list of things I thought would happen in the last 20 or so minutes of the movie. On my list of things about 6, 5 of them happened just the way I predicted.Something, that bugged me: the scene of Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte seems to come into focus. This is particularly evident in frame with Nolte. For a film with a budget of 75 million dollars, it just should not happen.Summary: In the late gangster lot 100 minutes are pleasant enough, but not something significant. No good presentation, not spectacular set pieces, no big moments, you'll go home talking about. For the ladies THERES enough eye candy in the form fit and Fedora-D Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone THERES masters and no-frills Robert Patrick. But the story was never to actually jump off the page and become a thing. Mickey Cohen is said of the wicked, but he was never anything more than that poor man. We do not want this, we do not sympathize with him and desperately wants to be taken off. He's just a bad person. The same can be said of all the characters and the story as a whole. What makes a whole may ultimately forgettable.

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